Tuesday, February 7, 2012

X-Force '99 Annual

Shatterstar and Rictor go to Mexico (then to Colorado, then Germany).  Fabian Nicieza brings a wonderful tale featuring Shatterstar and Rictor.  Nicieza has been the go-to 'X' writer for many years now.  'Star and Rictor are in Mexico taking out Richter's family business, gun smuggling.  They are met by a 'mysterious' person who offers them an opportunity to make some money by battling.  Around this time mutants were still everywhere.  If you needed a new character or some side characters, mutants were the choice.  Heck, even scientists were trying to create mutants or increase latent mutant powers.  Anyway, this story also brings back Martin Strong, from X-Force Annual #2 which featured one of my favorite new mutants, X-treme (Adam-X, the true 3rd Summers brother, god I hate how they created Vulcan as the 3rd brother).  So 'Star and Rictor fight some girl with prehensile arms that stretch and have spikes coming out, then her half-brother shows up to rescue her but accidentally kills her.  Turns out at least 8 people were created, same mother all different fathers.  Different powers, some are dead already, so the trio head to a different laboratory to find out what is going on.  There they run into Martin Strong and Neurotap, who called Cannonball, Moonstar, and Warpath for backup.  Once they figure out the real villain, its off to Germany.  Apparently Rictor's powers allow him to fly/ride logs (interesting mode of transportation, never knew he could do that).   Big battle with the 'mother' who turns out was trying to kick start her own mutant power.

Overall, a good story.  Shatterstar is still trying to find himself, now that he has 2 personalities floating around in his head.  That whole Benjamin Russell thing gets a little confusing, but hey it's comics.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This is my comic book collection

Here I will post random selections of my vast comic book collection.  I've been collecting since the late 1980s and my all-time favorite comic has been Fantastic Four.  My older brother had the subscription first, while my  subscriptions were from the Marvel Comics imprint Star Comics which included Heathcliff and the Get Along Gang.  The oldest FF comic I have is #67, 1st full appearance of Him (aka Adam Warlock).

My collection is also comprised of some DC Comics as well, mostly Green Lantern, Lobo, and some Batman.  I have some Image Comics; Savage Dragon, Shadowhawk, and some Spawn.  There are a few Chaos Comics too.

Some comics may even be for sale.  If interested please contact me.