Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Time Colossus Had A Threesome

What happens in the Savage Land, stays in the Savage Land.  While the X-Men were in the Savage Land (Uncanny X-Men #115  /Classic X-Men #21, after Magneto's Antarctica base exploded, they found themselves fighting the Petrified Man.  As well as dinosaurs.  In the backup story of Classic X-men, Colossus was on walkabout and found 3 female villagers.  Amidst the battle with a t-rex 1 female lost her life.  As part of the mourning process, the surviving females brought Colossus to the site of the battle.  Turns out the dino had not yet met its demise.  More fighting commenced and Colossus was finally able to transform into his steel form and best the mighty beast.  The females found his fighting spirit to be a great asset to the village and wished to mate with him in hopes of creating an offspring.  A great time to be Colossus!

I'm not sure if anything developed from this plotline.  It would be nice to look into it.