Monday, October 8, 2012

That time Lobo did something outrageous Pt.1

Lobo: Infanticide #1-4 (1992)

So Lobo is a woman-loving, boozing, smoking, bounty hunting fragtastic SOB from Czarnia.  In fact, he is the last Czarnian.  He was bored so he killed everyone else on the planet.

Pretty much every story about Lobo is an off-the-wall, outrageous tale; never to be taken seriously.  He takes everything to the extreme, times a thousand.  He carries big guns, a giant hook, has a pet dog, and rides a space hog (as in a motorcycle built for space travel).  He also has a healing factor. If you think Wolverine has an awesome healing factor, its nothing compared to Lobo's.

Daddy dearest
In this particular tale, all the (supposed) children of Lobo were gathered together under the leadership of his (supposed) daughter.  This combined army makes a plan to kill poor ol' daddy.  Conveniently, Lobo gets drafted into this particular army.  During basic training accidents start happening, and bullets start zooming by Lobo.  He, of course has no idea that the cadets are trying to kill him.  Soon, due to Lobo's stellar expertise, is chosen to lead a team.  It was during a war games style outing when the 'official' plan to murder Lobo was set forth.

There also happened to be an intergalactic empire that has claimed that area of space, watching the illegal occupation going on on that particular moon in their territory.  (Did I mention that this moon orbited Czarnia?)  The two soldiers of the empire that have discovered this are named Chipp and Dayl -the anti-rescue rangers.

I declare a thumb war
The war games were taking place on the desolate barren lands of Czarnia.  The plan was for the two sides to open fire on Lobo with live ammo.  And at that exact moment is when the Brutish Empire launched their assault on the planet.  Chaos reigned that day and Lobo enjoyed every second.

Nice plug for Reed Richards!
With pretty much everyone dead, the two remaining standing were Lobo and his (supposed) daughter.  They went knife to knife, rocket launcher to rocket launcher, gun to gun, and head to head (and thumb to thumb).  In the end Lobo of course was the winner and in typical Lobo-fashion walks off into the sunset in search of his next big adventure.

Live to fight another day

In other Lobo news, back in the day I wrote a Green Lantern story featuring Lobo.  Off the top of my head I don't recall if it was any good, but I think I did actually submit it DC.  If I can find it perhaps I will share it here.

Throughout the series you get Li'l Lobo!

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