Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fantastic Four and X-Men

The year was 2005, in the early morning.  There is a knock at the door.  Open the door and you are face to face with the Fantastic Four.
Morning, sunshine
What would Wolverine do in situation like that. Slam the door shut of course, cuz you know, he's tired.  Thus begins the typical fight before the all important team up.

I must say, I really  did enjoy  this 5 issue series.  It was a well written story and the content was not too questionable (but to kick off the story I really don't see the F4 heading to Westchester in order to use Cerebro to scan a space shuttle for survivors, one would think that Reed could whip something together).  Since Cerebro ends up being a dead end, they are need of a ship.  Since they are already at the X-Mansion they can use their plane.

Oh no she didn't
Unfortunately it is only a six seater so a specific away team needs to be chosen. Since they are going into outer space, Beast suggests that since they will be in a pressurized environment, they would not want any energy emitters.  He excludes Cyke, Human Torch, and Storm but does want Gambit on the team.  (I'm pretty sure he's an energy projector.)  For the muscle they send Thing and Wolverine, followed by Emma and Invisible Woman (along the way they have an interesting back and forth which ends with a Namor burn, if only Sue could see into the future or past depends on how you look at it).  Oh yeah, and Nightcrawler.

Can they even drive?
 As they investigate the shuttle they find the culprits. The dreaded ... Brood! So they fight the ones on board and find the passengers impregnated with the Brood, cuz you know, that's what they do. The moral dilemma then arises on what to do with them. Invisible Woman wants to take them back, but gets talked out of it. Oh yeah, did I mention that there is a cosmic storm on the way so they are crunched for time? Well they aren't quite quick enough and the storm hits them as they crash back to Earth.

 Thing and Invisible Woman emerge from the crash unscathed. The others, not so much. Introducing the new Fantastic Four: Wolverine with the powers Mr. Fantastic, Gambit the new Human Torch, Emma Frost, as the Thing, and Nightcrawler is the new Invisible Elf. Beast deduces that the change is elemental in nature and with Reed's help they can revert them back. Which of course they will, because this is just a limited series and will have no lasting ramifications.

 While the remaining F4-X-Men corral the new F4, the Brood invade Earth. Of course Wolverine is the last to be captured, because he is the coolest and is the bestest fighter in the world. Alas, eventually falls to the might of Cyclops and Thing.  Now that they are captured, Beast and Mr. Fantastic can begin working on the cure (which of course won't work on the original F4 because the mutant's mutant gene has different effects on the body.  Yet again Reed has failed to cure his good friend Ben). Once the X-Men are cured, Emma used cerebro to launch a mental attack on the Brood. She projects the image of Galactus and Phoenix preparing to battle.  So of course that is going to scare any invading force away.  The End

Quite the sight