Wednesday, November 11, 2015

F4 Break Into Top 50

In Fantastic Four News:

Over at Comics Should Be Good @ Comic Book Resources, Brian Cronin recently finished up this year’s top 100 Marvel and DC characters, as voted by the fans. Each company got 50 characters for the list and over 1200 ballots were cast. As for the placement of the Fantastic Four members, here we go:

Ranked lowest was Invisible Woman, who came in at number 39. Next up, Mr. Fantastic fared a little better and was number 35. Almost cracking the top ten was The Thing, who was number 11!

Next year will be the year of
the Torch.
There you have it. The Fantastic Four Three make it into the top 50. Wait, what about Human Torch? He will be starring in 2 all-new, all-different uncanny series. Sorry Johnny, better luck next year.

Expanding to the rest of the F4 universe and including former members they did pretty good overall, Galactus 50, Sub-Mariner 43, Black Panther 22, Silver Surfer 21, She-Hulk came in at 18,  Storm 13, Hulk 8, Dr. Doom 5, Wolverine 3, Spider-Man 1.

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